We have great experience when it comes to Slate and Tile Roofing. Grading and fixing natural slates should only be carried out by competent roofers as it is a skilled craft. We pride ourselves on finishing each and every roof to the highest standard, achieving a finished roof which is both weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing. Slate roofs have a very long life expectancy and our experienced workforce can repair broken slates or re-slate entire roofs to the highest standard. We can source all types of roof slates to suit your requirements at a very competitive cost.


A uPVC Fascia board offers structural support to your guttering system and prevents moisture leaking into your house, while the soffit provides ventilation to your attic. Fascia Boards and Soffit are two of the most important components of your roof so it’s essential to keep them in good condition.Cleaning your gutter twice a year will help keep your Fascia and Soffit in good nick but when they do eventually ware out or need repair, its important to know the signs. The main and clear signs that your Fascia Boards and Soffit need replacing are Mould, Warping in the Boards, Leaking Gutter, Frost or Moisture in your Attic, Pest Infestations.


We specialise in replacing and repairing gutters. This includes re-sealing joints – installation, re-securing of down-pipes and cleaning of all types of guttering systems.It is highly advisable that your gutters are free from all debris and are inspected to prevent water ingress on roofs which would cause other problems if not attended to.Gutters are undeniably an important part of your home structure. It prevents water from getting at your walls, windows, doors and foundation. If you notice that your gutters have any of these signs or you’d like to get some advice then contact us today.


The valley of a roof is the segment where the roof changes direction or a dormer or bay window is installed. Simply put, it is the portion of the roof where two slopes meet. It is covered by different types of materials. Metals like lead, copper, aluminum and zinc are most commonly used. The choice of valley material depends on the type of the roof and the primary roofing material. The valley is a very important part of the roof that determines to a large extent the integrity of the roof. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


House insulation is very important especially if your house is situated in an extreme weather region. The airtight insulation material installed on vital house surfaces prevents the exterior air from coming in and interior air from escaping out of the house. This results in stable comfortable temperatures inside the home regardless of the external conditions. Basically, heat is lost through conduction, convention and radiation. As air in the house gets warm, it rises. Without insulation, it will be conducted out via the roof or any other surface, as cold air comes in causing temperatures to drop. Such erratic temperature changes are undesirable.


The roof is a very critical indispensable component of any house. Not only because it gives a house an elegant finish but roofing is also a very expensive undertaking. This necessitates frequent restoration and conservation work. Different contractors adopt different approaches. We the Roofing Experts do it in four stages. Inspection, diagnosis, cost estimation and repair. This standard procedure has always worked for us over the years to the satisfaction of our esteemed customers.


With many attic conversions, adding daylight is often a key requirement to the final look and feel. Noel Kelly Building and Roofing have years of experience in fitting roof windows, having fitted hundreds of roof windows over the years.

As well as fitting new roof windows during new builds, we also can repair and replace old or damaged roof windows that are leaking, weathered, broken or if you just prefer a different design. We can offer a supply and fit or fit only service. All of the attic roof windows we supply are from reputable companies and are fitted in exact accorance with the manufacturers guidelines. We can source and supply attic roof windows in a variety of sizes and styles.


One of the most common causes of roof leaking is damaged or weathered chimney flashing. Chimney flashing is often a lead or copper skirting at the base of the chimney and prevents water from perpetrating down into the attic and internal chimney wall. Left untreated, water damage can damage the timbers in the roof, any items you have in your attic or damage the plaster on the internal ceilings and/or walls.

Our experienced roofers can assess damaged / leaking flashing and repair or replace it which can save you hundreds or thousands of euros comparing to leaving it to cause damage. For new builds and replacements, all our work is fully guaranteed and carried out to a high specification.


With our Irish climate, leaking roofs are a common problem for many people. Most common roof leaks are caused by flat roofs, where their protective barrier has deteriorated over time. At Noel Kelly Building and Roofing, we can apply a range of waterproofing sealents for a wide variety of roofs. These sealents act as another layer of protection for your roof, preventing water from laying or penetrating your aging roof and thus extending the lifetime of your roof.

As well as waterproofing, we can also treat roofs to prevent moss and debris growth which can often block gutters and roof valleys. Contact Noel Kelly Building and Roofing to discuss your requirements today.


What we do


We have many years experience in the construction industry, providing new builds, renovations, extensions and modifications.


Our experienced roofing team can construct and repair a variety of roofs for a professional look and finish.

I had the pleasure of finding and hiring Noel Kelly and his team on a recent construction project, and I was thoroughly impressed with the exceptional quality of their work. Noel's attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident in every part of the project. From planning to the final touches, his team displayed a level of craftsmanship that surpassed my expectations.

Noel's professionalism and effective communication were key factors that made the entire process smooth and stress-free. He kept me well informed about the progress, promptly addressed any concerns, and made sure the project was completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

I am extremely satisfied with the outcome, and without hesitation, I highly recommend Noel Kelly and his team to anyone needing a reliable and skilled builder. Their dedication to delivering top-notch results sets them apart, and I am confident that others will have an equally positive experience working with them.

Francis and Claire Corr


Noel recently built my new Art Studio at the rear of my home last year. I couldn't praise Noel too much for the standard of work provided, he is extremely knowledgeable about all modern building and Energy saving methods in his business and was very helpful throughout the complete building time from start to finish. To that end I hope he will be available to build a planned new extension to my home later this year.

Mr John Morris (Artist)

South Avenue, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin

We contracted Noel and his team to convert our attic space into another bedroom. Not only was it completed on budget, it was done three weeks ahead of schedule. Over the moon with the quality of work and professionalism. Highly recommended.



We acquired Noel's services for a recent development project. We highly recommend Noel and his team for projects big or small.